Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to my dear husband!

He is 29 today (only 1 year away from the big 3-0!)

I have been/still am VERY busy, between kindergarten doings/field trips, family reunions, birthdays, and my anniversary (which is next Sunday).

Gabriel will be 5 on Oct 8th, which happens to co-incide with his fall break at school, and then his party is the following saturday, complete with bouncer house and a sleep-over....so I am running wild at the moment!

Sewing is at a slow, almost standstill, but I'm working on quilt blocks, both for personal and gifted quilts, and a virtual quilting bee (which I am very behind on, sorry girls!).

Soooo....not a lot of posts going on lately, as you can see....I've virtually disapeared online, so thank you to all that have reached out to me, even if I haven't gotten back with you, I appreciate it!

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