Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanksgiving at school

Yes, the food was as bad as I remember, LOL. Actually, the cranberry sauce was good, LOL, and the dressing wasn't half bad.

Anywho...I had to make Gabriel a costume. You see, the boys dressed up like indians, and the girls like pilgrims...LOL.

I had planned on making a paper bag vest (Lee said his was made out of a pillowcase), but couldn't find one, so I had to "whip up" (HA!) a pair of fringed pants, a fringed vest (complete with beads) and the headband with feathers.

Yes, I did it. And yes, I did it with under 2 yards of fabric, I was so proud!

But it took stinkin FOR-EV-ER! Oh, and the beads? Yea, over an hour there JUST ON THE VEST ALONE! and that doesn't include cutting out and sewing the vest together! And the headband...well, let's just say I don't want to make another any time soon.

But it was cute! And the kiddos all looked neat in all of their different costumes! (and yes, I could see that I really am an over-achiever, LOL, those other indians looked so cute in their painted t-shirts!)

Pics to come, later, LOL

Oh, and for those that coupon, I was so proud of myself grocery budget was $100 this week (mind you it's 3rd weekend, and I got laundry stuff and other items etc), and I spent $99.99. Yes, I recieved a penny back! LOL

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

So excited!

Ok, so I'm a bit behind, but I just got a new phone (droid 2) and had to test out posting a blog from it!

I may actually get back into posting if I can do it on the go!
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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Santa came early!

Well, ok, he didn't come bearing gifts yet, but he did visit our church (see my previous post) this last weekend, so I snapped a few shots, and thankfully got one that was "ok".

Gabriel has been ok with Santa from the get-go, but Asher has always been a bit leary of him, so though he was a bit skeptical at first, he seemed to hit it off with him, and even told him "I want a DWAGON!" (translation, if you don't speak 3 year old, dragon).

So, drumroll please....this is our official Christmas picture, LOL. I'm too cheap to do pro pics this year.....we've got too many things we are doing! It's a bit smaller than I wanted, but hey, I hate uploading to blogger, LOL. And yes, my toddler has holy jeans.....that happens with little boys, LOL, and no, I didn't realize it showed until after I got home, and Santa had left so no re-shoots.


Friday, November 5, 2010

Church Christmas yardsale!

Hey everyone! Long time since I posted, but been super busy!

Just wanted to let everyone know that our church (Hytop) is having a Christmas yardsale tomorrow, Sat Nov 6th, and it starts at 8 AM CST.

We also will have donuts and other baked goodies for sale! If it's your regular weekend, come buy your desserts from us! Save you the dirty dishes and help our church out!

Santa will be available for pictures from 10 AM to 2 PM. Bring your own cameras and donations will be accepted!

Hope to see you there!