Thursday, January 21, 2010

When it rains...

...evidently it pours!

I spent the better part of the long weekend caring for a sick toddler. After he finally was getting better, I had to work a long day, then come home, finish a study guide, and take an exam for my Psychology class....I got an 84 on the test, a "B" grade. Good, but I wish it had been better.

So...after the little monster, er, monkey got better, we had one day of wellness....and then the bigger lil guy was sick. And much worse that his little brother! A fever that will NOT break, and a tummy ache :( Hopefully soon we will all be well again!

I've been on a sewing kick! I've made 2 NCBE outfits for my friend that's expecting another baby boy in March, and I've got the fabric to make her a recieving blanket and a nursing cover too. AND I think I may make her a Mama Pampering kit as well...a lot more than I usually give, but she's a very good friend to me, and she's had a rough time lately, so it will be nice to see her smile (I hope!) at her new gifts! I'm supposed to be throwing her a shower, but so far I've been unable to get her to commit to a date! Call me back girl!

Along with the NCBE outfits, I've gotten a new pattern for undies for the boys. I'm going to make some regular undies for Gabriel, but for Asher I've modified it to make some trainers, I'll put a layer of microfiber between the cod pieces to make them a bit more's to hoping for potty training this spring/summer! He'll be 3 in May, but Gabriel wasn't fully trained until he was almost 4, so who knows?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What a deal!

So today I had to take the boys to get their hair cut (joy!) and while I was out, I stopped by a local shop that I knew was having a great sale on interlock knit......drumroll was 50 CENTS a YARD! Now, most of this was 60" wide, but one was I think close to 108"! I got about 30 yards of various colors/some rib knit for around $16, tax and all! I would have gotten more, but it was only solid colors, and I mean, after a couple shades of each color, you can't really get more, LOL.

I did get a cute red/cream stripe that will look really cute as Christmas Jammies for this next Christmas, now let's see if I actually make them! Ha!


On the upside too, I turned in my first 2 assignments in English and I 100% on both! So far, so good! Now if I can only get my 3 chapters in Psychology done before this weekend!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

And......I'm overwhelmed!

Yep, that's right!

Today I took down my 5 Christmas trees (hey, I've been sick and working a LOT), and cleaned almost my entire house.

Then, after getting the kids in bed, completed 2 of my English assignments. Let me just say, this is much more work than I thought it would be, and oh-my-goodness, I have forgotten a TON of stuff from school! Thank goodness for Google! Hahaha!

So, tonight when I finally curl up in bed, I will read the first chapter in my Psycology book, highlighter at hand, and tomorrow I have a full day!

Wake up early to help Lee get off to work, and then get dressed myself and finish cleaning up my room and the kitchen (hey, I said I cleaned ALMOST my entire house!) and then wake up the kids for breakfast. After that is done, get Gabriel to sit down and do his school work, then off to work myself! I have 3 cabins to clean, plus one to mop and clean the toilet and counters, since the pipes were frozen up last week. Hopefully everything will go well. I may only get 2 of them done tomorrow though, and go back on Tuesday to finish the other.

Oh, and on the note of sewing, since this is Our Mama SEWS *wink*, I have, in the last 2 days, made a tote/purse, zippered pouch and wallet (all matching), plus another wallet, which I like better, and am half way done with a quilted binder covering. I am planning on doing coverings for my books as well, with pockets to keep highlighters in on the front covers. Am I the only one that can never find one when I need it? Pics to come, I hope.

Well, off to bed!

Friday, January 8, 2010

New Year, New Beginnings

Yet another year has come and gone....
....and all that jazz, LOL.

In an update to my last post....the singer 66 electric that I got STILL needs a ton of work, and unfortunatly re-wiring, I believe. I am not up to that sort of work, and do not have the money to have it serviced as of yet, so it sits upstairs.

The Shark that my grandfather bought me at an auction was a fluke, it is locked up somewhere in the motor, and is not worth the money to have fix, so I'm going to collect the extra feet to keep handy and the other accessories, but probably chunk the machine itself.

The Singer 15 is still lovely! But it has yet to make it to my house! We are getting the edges of all of these wonderful winter storms, which, for us, has involved a lot of rainy weather. We currently have snow, but the rain is what has prevented us from getting the 15 to our house. My car is way too small to haul it in (including the cabinet, that is) and Lee works through the week, so we can only use the truck on the weekends, which of course have been full of rain and sleet and snow. Maybe it will make it to my house before summer, it tends to rain a LOT during Spring here in N. Alabama.


On another front, I have some new and exciting news!

I'm going back to college! Granted it's just 2 classes this semester, and I'm doing distance (aka Online) classes, but hey, it's a start, right?

With Gabriel being homeschool now, and me working part time (Cleaning for my Grandpa, the cabins at his horse ranch/campground), online was all I could manage this semester. It's possible that this summer or fall that I will take a class or two on campus, but that depends on how things go with the boys.

Sorry for the lack of pictures, hopefully soon I will have some uploaded!