Saturday, December 24, 2011

Friday, December 16, 2011


Well, I quit weight watchers! HA! Who didn't see that coming?

Ok, well, I did try it, but long story short, it wasn't working for me. I ended up going in for a talk with my Dr, since I hadn't been well for a while, and found out that there might be something wrong with my thyroid.

Even LONGER story short, seems that my thryoid is FINE! Thank the Good Lord!

I have been going to a "dietician" of sorts, and over 3 weeks have lost 5 lbs! That may not seem like much, but remember, this is the holiday season, so lots more food around!

Not only have I lost weight, but also 2 inches off of my waist, and 3 off of my hips! So I can wear some of my "skinny" clothes now! (ok, I was never "big", but I *did* have people asking me if I was expecting all.the.time.)

Anywho, just very excited, and wanted to share!

Merry Christmas to you all!

Saturday, November 26, 2011


That is all...for now!

Off to a Auburn/Alabama football party, first I've been to in years! We're all decked out in blue and orange!

Friday, November 4, 2011

So Far So Good

On Weight Watchers, that is. It took me a couple days, but so far I love it! I have lost some weight already, but waiting until my meeting to actually record it. I feel like I'm in a better mood, I'm not as hungry as I thought I would be, and my fruit and veggie intake is MUCH more that it was!

Overall, I love it. I Have a "buddy" that's doing this with me, and we are cooking for 2 and splitting recipes, so that we have different things to eat. Also freezing portions, so that if I get hungry I will grab it and heat it up, instead of getting junk food, which is my weakness.

I am having a hard time giving up my sodas though. I could drink them, but it would cost too many points, and I'm saving some extras for Sat. Morning breakfast at Nana's! (worth it, in my opinion!)

As far as life in general, you can tell it's cold weather here at my house, my kids have been sick. Mostly Gabriel, poor guy has been sick all week, been to the Dr twice, yesterday they told us he has pneumonia! Thankfully we caught it early on, so he is already doing better. If you think of him, any prayers are greatly appreciated!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The beginning of the end...

...of my weight gaining, that is!

It's been no secret to most of my friends that I've gained a good bit of weight over the last year, so it's not like I'm telling you something you didn't know...but I'm tired of it now.

Tired of people putting their hands on my stomach and asking about a baby that isn't coming (this has happened waaay more than I care to admit!)

Tired of feeling tired ALL.THE.TIME.

Tired of clothes not fitting the way they are supposed to (let me be clear, I do not care about the SIZE or NUMBER, just that it fits, oh, and that I don't have to buy new clothes. AGAIN.)

I could go on and on, but I'm sure there are those of you out there that understand how I feel. I'm almost as heavy now as I was when I had Gabriel (and I gained about 60 lbs during that pregnancy!), and not having a baby to show for it really is making me feel gross.

Anyways....I'm starting Weight Watchers I will try to post new recipes that I try and update as I go along. Guess I thought by posting this I would have some sort of accountability, we'll see how that works out!  ;)


Monday, October 17, 2011

Pray for Taylor's Family

Please pray for Sister Taylor McLain's family. She passed away today and I know they need some comforting.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Beautiful Fall weather!

I am loving this fall weather we've had the last few days in North Alabama!

Turned off the A/C, open windows, campfires and cool night grilling....ahh!

Ok, well, not all of that happens at once, or else my house would smell like smoke! But you get the point.

I am finally done working kids market! Sad to be over with somewhat, but also glad to get to have all of my Saturday back with my family! This weekend was nuts, Thursday was Lee's Birthday, Friday we went out for our anniversary (it's actually the 4th, but easier to go out on Friday nights when you have kiddos in school!), and Sat I worked my last Kids Market shift! Today we slept in late, and have been cleaning out old clothes and trash around and literally UNDER the house!

This week we have a slower week, but Asher has another Dr appt with a new Dr this time on Wed, to find out why his blood sugar has been all over the place.

Friday night we have a singing at Hytop, but we will probably skip it this time (I know, I'm horrible!), since Gabriel's birthday is the next day we are having company and eating pizza, then roasting marshmallows over a campfire. Saturday we are off to Chattanooga for the day to spend time at the aquarium with the kiddos.

If everything goes right, Lee and Gabriel will both be home next Monday, too, since it's Columbus day, and then the next weekend we have camping Friday night with cubscouts and then it's 3rd weekend!

Fall is such a busy time around here, but we love it! Cooler weather makes us happier, it's much more fun to be outdoors on a cool fall day!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I love Kids Market!

The last couple of sales I have worked enough hours to shop the full time workers sale, and LOVED it!

I got several things last night that I needed, and a few that I wanted.

I still need to get some long sleeved tees for Gabriel, but I will do that over the next 2x I work (both Saturdays, by the way).

I got 2 shirt sets (button up with vests), a nice church sweater, some L/S polos, several l/s tees, a couple pairs of pants (those are for Asher, though he didn't really need them), some snow pants and a jacket, a zippered hoodie, and a Shelf (that one was for me!)

All in all I spent $110, and that was GREAT! I got most of what I needed dress shirt wise for Gabriel, although I do probably need about 4-6 more L/S button up shirts for church.

Opens to the public on Monday, hope to see you all there sometime on the next 2 Saturdays!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Ok, I'm ready for cool weather here!

Seems like every year on New Years Day (That's the day after my birthday, for those of you that need reminding!) I'm ready for SUMMER! Bring on the swimming and revivals and sleepovers, etc.

When summer is over (well, not officially yet I guess, but school starting back always ends my "summer") I'm like...BRING ON THE COLD!

Evidently I'm an extreme person, LOL.

When we got back from Disney (which was cool, by the way, pics later) I was sooo ready for it to be cool. And it was. For 3 days. HA! Ok, it's not super duper hot, but still, almost 90 is pretty warm!

I have set to doing fall decoration around the house, being September and all, but then decided to go ahead a do Halloween! I mean, hey, Halloween only gets a bit of attention here at my house, it's not my fave holiday. But Lee loves it, so I decided after being married for almost 8 years, I'd actually do a bit of Halloween decor for him. I mean, he helps me with my 6 (gulp) Christmas trees and all the other crazy stuff I do then, LOL.

I made potion jars for a witches brewing station, cutting out felt bats for a garland and to hang from the ceiling, and spider webs everywhere (hey, guess I don't have to worry about the real cobwebs this month, huh? BONUS!)  I have a skeleton garland hanging from the mantel, some crows, a skull candle holder, and of course a few pumpkins/jackolanterns. Oh, and a broom that needs a witch hat with it beside the fireplace.

Guess you guys need some pics, huh? Yea, well Drea can come up here and take some for me, LOL! (j/k Drea, but a tad jealous of the beautiful pics you take of the kiddos!)

(P.S. the crazy me has to admit that while I am cleaning and finishing up my halloween decorations today....I am listening to Christmas music. I know, I know...something seriously wrong with me....)

Monday, August 15, 2011

For those of you who have been to disney...

Give me your tips!

What kind of shoes? (I'm a flip flop girl, can I wear those?)
food/drinks....can you take any in the park?

we will have a smallish (slightly bigger than umbrella) stroller, with a basket, so we can carry a bit in the basket snack/drink wise, if we can take it in.

any tips are appreciated! We will have a 4 year old and an almost 7 year anything to avoid, would be nice too! We are going 4 days, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood studios, and then repeating one of those...epcot would be too much for the yougin's I think!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Disney here we come!

Ok, we FINALLY got to tell the kids that we've been saving FOREVER to go to Disney in 4 weeks!

While telling them was a bit ant-climactic (they wondered if we would still get to go to the beach in FL?), they are really excited now, and we don't have to worry about accidentally spilling the beans around them!

We are going at the end of Aug for a FULL week! (this is the longest vacation since my honeymoon, almost 8 years ago, not counting this Jan when I went to see my dad and step-mom, wasn't really a "vacation", LOL)

Our Condo has 7 swimming pools, including a mini water park built on for the kiddos and we are like 15 min from Disney! Of course, we are going to the parks for 4 days, and the beach, and yes, though my boys were worried we wouldn't get to, we are going to see Granpa too!

Just wanted to share...I've been dying to for months now, LOL

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Revival is here!

Started today at Hytop and already 4 new souls! Praise the Lord! Come join us this week!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Need some help!

I am FINALLY re-doing and organizing my sewing room....and I want desperatly to change the color! Right now it is a lime green, and it's not working it for me, LOL.

I have white tables and storage containers, and it is a LARGE room (about 17x20, with a bay window to the side big enough for a queen size bed to be in it).

I have a lot of natural light that I want to utilize, so not a dark color. I have light beige carpets as I want something that will not clash with it. I have soooo many shades of beige/brown/green in my house, and would rather not go with another shade of them, LOL. decorating friends, without a picture, can you please recommend me a color? (no pictures right now since it is in destruct mode for re-doing!)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Setting up shop again!

I am finally getting back into the swing of things, sewing wise, and am ready to start selling to the public again! (And hopefully getting some customs too!)

I've added Alabama and Auburn outfits to my store, and will be hopefully adding more soon! I have a very cute girl's pattern for a dress, and the outfits I have listed can be made with puffed sleeves and ruffled bloomers as well.

I do not know why the 3rd picture is sideways....go figure Blogger..LOL

Contact me if you are interested in a custom, I'm ready to be busy again!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011 long has it been?

I'm not even going to try and look to find out, I just know my fall backgrounds are still up, HA!

It's been super busy around here, as always, and things are not about to slow down!

Since Christmas:

The kiddos and I traveled to FL to see my Dad and Step-mom....who we haven't seen in 5 years. Fun times...especially when Asher went swimming in the ocean (in January)....unintentionally, of course...thankfully I have learned in my almost 7 years of being a mom to pack extra clothing in the van!

We finally FINISHED our house! Praise the Lord! Of course, we still have a bit of painting to do, but in my book, not having to tile, install toilets, or build anything else for the house counts! (oops....we do have to trim out my closet and toilet room in the Master bath...but I'm not counting it!)

I have now met with the Vice Principle and Teacher of my oldest son a couple of times...not on the best of terms...however, things seem to be looking up, so there's a positive note....sorta.

We have been SICK....but thankfully not with the flu....just wish everyone could get over the whinny-ness bug and I'll be set...

KIDS MARKET is coming up!! YAY....and I have to work 16 hours...not so yay, but then again, both boys need some clothes, so here's hoping that I'll get some super good deals...

My sister in law found out she is having a little boy in a couple of weeks (well, she knew she was having him in July last year, but the boy part is new....LOL) James Alexander will be my first nephew in just a few days, and I'm soooooooooooooooooo excited!!

Oh, there is SOOO much more, but I'll save the rest for later, after I change my backgrounds, and of course, can post some pictures (I know Drea would LOVE to see us walking on the beach in January...the week everyone was snowed in with a foot of snow! HA!)