Friday, April 30, 2010

Spring Finals and Summer Semester

AKA....I need some prayers! LOL.

But seriously, I have my final exam on Monday and to say I am NOT prepared is a HUGE understatement! I need you all (that's right, all 10 of you, my followers!) to pray that I will pass! With a GOOD grade...I desperately NEED to get an A in this class, to bump my GPA up, otherwise I'm stuck.

This is what happens when you marry young and have children immediatly. I stay home with my boys (well, I stay WITH my boys, home is a relative term there, HAHA), so since I've been out of school for, oh, 6 years in June now, it's hard to find any scholarships! Most are for seniors in HighSchool still, others for children of employees (Lee's company offers scholarships to employees and their children, so at least Gabriel and Asher should benefit, LOL), and then there are grants and loans.

I've had a pell grant a few times, but since the good Lord has blessed Lee with a better (paying) job, we no longer qualify or the grants. A loan is out of the question....if we can't afford to get a loan for a newer car (and ours are all falling apart here!But that's another post...), we DEFINATLY can't do a student loan! That, and well, we just don't want the debt!

Soooo....if anyone out there wants to sponser a young mama to go back to school (I know, fat chance!) or know of a scholarship that is still recieving applicants (that I can actually APPLY for, LOL)...PLEASE let me know! I'd like to actually be able to continue my degree!

Oh, and don't forget to pray about my final!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Nope, I didn't get a new motorcycle (much to Lee's chagrin!)!

A new puppy! He's a Doxle, that is, half Dotson, half Beagle. Kayla, my sister, had gotten him at 5 weeks old, but with here working and gone most of the time, she didn't have time for a puppy, so we took him.

He's 13 weeks old, and just got his shots yesterday. He's SOOO sweet, and very smart, he's already learning tricks! Hopefully pics will follow soon!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Wow, I have been super busy this week!

I planted all that I planted the other day, and yesterday I got my ferns for my front porch urns, and 12 more tulips!

I really need to get the rest of my veggie garden done as well, but we'll see how that goes, LOL. I have to get the money for the boards for that first, and money's been a bit tighter lately. I've been able to get all these other plants SUPER cheap! (like $2, some FREE!)

On a sader note, my Grandma's sister passed away to cancer on Monday evening, and her viewing is tonight and funeral is tomorrow. Please pray for my family, especially my grandma, this was her baby sister (I think she was only 56!) and she had lost her son on Christmas Eve (he was just 20). Thankfully she went peacefully, but it's still very hard for her, I'm sure. I would be a wreck if it was my sister, I know.

A quick thank you out to Bro. Dwight and Sis. Julie Parker, they helped me (aka let me borrow a CD) LATE last night, we needed a song that Bro. Rob Buckner wrote on CD to play during her funeral and they were happy to help! Thanks so much!

Have a great day today and enjoy that sunshine out there! Hopefully that yellow cloud of pollen will leave us soon too!

Oh, and a sewing post should be coming up soon, I've been commissioned to recover some patio furniture, so I'll try to start posting some pictures soon!

Monday, April 12, 2010

It's that time again!

Gardening time, that is!

Only this year I am already encountering problems!

We don't have a tractor, nor a tiller, so we have depended on family with those things to help us out previously. Since we're saving up for a "new" car, and our current ones both need tires, we didn't have the money to soak into a tiller this year ($600+ for a good one!).

Luckily, my PawPaw Edd came and turned my garden plot with a borrowed tractor, but then I was way to disc the plot after turning, since Lee's grandpa's tractors are pretty well out of commission, and I don't know anyone else that has one (locally, that is, pretty sure my other grandfather has one, but who wants to drive a tractor for 2 hours from TN to AL just to disc a small garden?).

Thankfully, my uncle borrowed his father's lawn tractor and disker and came to do my plot after he did his and my grandparent's gardens.


Now for the kicker....rather than worry about this year after year, Lee and I decided (well, I did, and he kinda sorta agreed, LOL) to do raised beds instead of a traditional ground bed. We have already built the Herb bed, and today I will be planting it, hopefully. Filling it with dirt is the hardest (and most expensive) part. Thankfully I have a lot of loose dirt in the garden bed, and can get free compost from my grandpa's horse ranch! I'll get back to you with pictures!