Saturday, July 10, 2010

Really? And some news for me!

So, I'm really surprised that no one entered in the drawing yesterday. So I'm extending it all weekend...just post a comment today or tomorrow (Cutting off comments at midnight on Sunday) and you'll be entered. Maybe everyone was just busy since it was Friday. I'd really hate to think I am talking to myself.

I'm making progress on my first advent calender, down to appliquing the numbers on the squares, and then making the pockets. It's more work than I thought.

Oh, my news!!!

I got a minivan! FINALLY! I've been NEEDING something bigger for a while, and WANTING a minivan, but we couldn't afford another vehicle, and Lee was set against a van, LOL. He thinks he's too young. (He'll be 30 in a couple of months!)

I'll try to post pictures sometime...soon. If I remember to charge the camera batteries, that is!

Talk to ya soon! I'm beginning to wish it WERE Christmas, and not's just too hot here in North Alabama!


  1. so if I am the only one that leaves a comment does that mean I win? lol

  2. Am I too late? LOL - I'll steal it from Tara!

  3. So what van did you get? Congrats!!
    Sorry I am too late to enter the giveaway but thank you so much for the comment on my blog about my girl's quilts. I had told Ahnalin the wrong thing so she is just going to hand quilt the thing since it is already put together. But India will do hers the way you suggested. I am such a ding dong!
    Thank you so much Amber.