Tuesday, August 10, 2010

First day of school!

So, just to add to all of the blogs out there today, my little man started school today. This is his second round of Kindergarten (his birthday falls after the cut-off, so they made him repeat!), so it wasn't as hard as the first go around, but it was definatly heart-wrenching to leave your baby in the hands of a stranger!

I won't bore you with all of the details, but today was also picture day (feel sorry for the teacher!) and a full day to boot! I was surprised that it wasn't half a day a first! To beat it all...I thought Gabriel would cry because he had to stay, but it was Asher that threw a fit, screaming and crying, because he had to leave! LOL!

So....wanna see pictures??


  1. They are growin up so fast! I remember not too long ago when you weren't even married! LOL - memories ;)

  2. LOL, I remember when you weren't married too, LOL. Your kiddos will be here soon, don't worry! LOL.

  3. Ok so cute!!!! my little man is growing up! And by the way, Fall means cooler weather, and according to how I feel in my car without air, it is definatly not cooler weather so therefore it is NOT fall, just the middle of an incredibly hot SUMMER! Donna wants to know when did August become the beginning of fall.

  4. LOL Aimee, I was hoping if I made it LOOK like fall was coming, it might actually do it! HAHA...no really, I had a christmas stuff up for Christmas in JULY, and did not want to have to change it again in just a couple of weeks (sept). It takes too long to do, LOL