Monday, October 4, 2010

How long has it been since... cleaned out your pantry?

I'm embarressed to tell you how long it's been for me. *insert bag over head smiley face*

I did clean my pantry and fridge out this weekend...and threw away 2 bags of expired or yucky-opened-but-not-eaten-and-now-stale-foods...and gave away a box of things that we will most likely not use before it expired. Some things had expired in 2007. Yes, I said it right...2007. you can see INTO my pantry, and I had a good bit of things in there that I could use! I'm trying to really cut back on extra expenses right now, and so that helps a lot!

Sooo...quick (or not so quick, in my house, LOL) challenge...go clean yours out and see what you can make for dinner this week JUST with stuff in your pantry, fridge, and freezer!


  1. What would you say if I told you I do NOT have a pantry :( So sad....I use my cabinets that are supposed to be for my dishes, etc! So - there might be ONE thing in there that is old and I don't know it's there....but not much cause it's such a small space you can't miss anything!

  2. Cassie, my pantry is also my cabinets, LOL. We built our house, but my kitchen is sorta small, so I had them build part of my cabinets as my pantry, and I so wish I had a walk in one, stuff gets lost in there all the time!...oh, and my "pantry" was supposed to be this little linens closet in my laundry room, LOL....TINY