Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Santa came early!

Well, ok, he didn't come bearing gifts yet, but he did visit our church (see my previous post) this last weekend, so I snapped a few shots, and thankfully got one that was "ok".

Gabriel has been ok with Santa from the get-go, but Asher has always been a bit leary of him, so though he was a bit skeptical at first, he seemed to hit it off with him, and even told him "I want a DWAGON!" (translation, if you don't speak 3 year old, dragon).

So, drumroll please....this is our official Christmas picture, LOL. I'm too cheap to do pro pics this year.....we've got too many things we are doing! It's a bit smaller than I wanted, but hey, I hate uploading to blogger, LOL. And yes, my toddler has holy jeans.....that happens with little boys, LOL, and no, I didn't realize it showed until after I got home, and Santa had left so no re-shoots.


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  1. my kids have never had a pic with santa - They don't even know who he is ;)