Friday, May 13, 2011

Setting up shop again!

I am finally getting back into the swing of things, sewing wise, and am ready to start selling to the public again! (And hopefully getting some customs too!)

I've added Alabama and Auburn outfits to my store, and will be hopefully adding more soon! I have a very cute girl's pattern for a dress, and the outfits I have listed can be made with puffed sleeves and ruffled bloomers as well.

I do not know why the 3rd picture is sideways....go figure Blogger..LOL

Contact me if you are interested in a custom, I'm ready to be busy again!


  1. Girl how do you do those? Whats the girl dress look like?

  2. Tara, I tell ya tell me how to sew for myself, and I'll tell ya how to do that for Jas!

    The girls dress is a front yoke with sleeves or not, with a peter pan collar and sash or no sash...LOL. Lots of options with that one! I'll try to have one up next week, I have a few orders to fill now!