Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Need some help!

I am FINALLY re-doing and organizing my sewing room....and I want desperatly to change the color! Right now it is a lime green, and it's not working it for me, LOL.

I have white tables and storage containers, and it is a LARGE room (about 17x20, with a bay window to the side big enough for a queen size bed to be in it).

I have a lot of natural light that I want to utilize, so not a dark color. I have light beige carpets as well...so I want something that will not clash with it. I have soooo many shades of beige/brown/green in my house, and would rather not go with another shade of them, LOL.

Soooo...my decorating friends, without a picture, can you please recommend me a color? (no pictures right now since it is in destruct mode for re-doing!)


  1. How about a nice butter yellow? I find yellow to be happy and energizing but relaxing as well. And if you go with a warmer yellow, it will go nicely with the beige carpeting.

  2. I like the yellow.. have one in my kitchen.. or a blue that is not dark or to bright like a soft but not baby blue

  3. I think I am going to have to get some paint samples and try them out! My first thought was yellow and grey, but now I am leaning towards aqua and reds! What do you ladies think about those options?

  4. oh yes i love aqua!! and red is a great accent color! maybe a robing egg type aqua?? you think....


    but i do like the more modern like patterns with yellow and grey so those would look good too with your white furniture