Monday, September 12, 2011

Ok, I'm ready for cool weather here!

Seems like every year on New Years Day (That's the day after my birthday, for those of you that need reminding!) I'm ready for SUMMER! Bring on the swimming and revivals and sleepovers, etc.

When summer is over (well, not officially yet I guess, but school starting back always ends my "summer") I'm like...BRING ON THE COLD!

Evidently I'm an extreme person, LOL.

When we got back from Disney (which was cool, by the way, pics later) I was sooo ready for it to be cool. And it was. For 3 days. HA! Ok, it's not super duper hot, but still, almost 90 is pretty warm!

I have set to doing fall decoration around the house, being September and all, but then decided to go ahead a do Halloween! I mean, hey, Halloween only gets a bit of attention here at my house, it's not my fave holiday. But Lee loves it, so I decided after being married for almost 8 years, I'd actually do a bit of Halloween decor for him. I mean, he helps me with my 6 (gulp) Christmas trees and all the other crazy stuff I do then, LOL.

I made potion jars for a witches brewing station, cutting out felt bats for a garland and to hang from the ceiling, and spider webs everywhere (hey, guess I don't have to worry about the real cobwebs this month, huh? BONUS!)  I have a skeleton garland hanging from the mantel, some crows, a skull candle holder, and of course a few pumpkins/jackolanterns. Oh, and a broom that needs a witch hat with it beside the fireplace.

Guess you guys need some pics, huh? Yea, well Drea can come up here and take some for me, LOL! (j/k Drea, but a tad jealous of the beautiful pics you take of the kiddos!)

(P.S. the crazy me has to admit that while I am cleaning and finishing up my halloween decorations today....I am listening to Christmas music. I know, I know...something seriously wrong with me....)

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  1. NONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONO!!!!!!!!!!!!!Summer stay forever! Summer stay forever!
    I cannot stand cold weather, boots, socks, tights, long sleeves, jackets, hoods, boggans, scarfs, need I continue? I would soooo love to live somewhere it's like 85 no humidity year round