Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I love Kids Market!

The last couple of sales I have worked enough hours to shop the full time workers sale, and LOVED it!

I got several things last night that I needed, and a few that I wanted.

I still need to get some long sleeved tees for Gabriel, but I will do that over the next 2x I work (both Saturdays, by the way).

I got 2 shirt sets (button up with vests), a nice church sweater, some L/S polos, several l/s tees, a couple pairs of pants (those are for Asher, though he didn't really need them), some snow pants and a jacket, a zippered hoodie, and a Shelf (that one was for me!)

All in all I spent $110, and that was GREAT! I got most of what I needed dress shirt wise for Gabriel, although I do probably need about 4-6 more L/S button up shirts for church.

Opens to the public on Monday, hope to see you all there sometime on the next 2 Saturdays!

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  1. I need to come but got to go thru jas clothes to see what she needs!