Sunday, October 2, 2011

Beautiful Fall weather!

I am loving this fall weather we've had the last few days in North Alabama!

Turned off the A/C, open windows, campfires and cool night grilling....ahh!

Ok, well, not all of that happens at once, or else my house would smell like smoke! But you get the point.

I am finally done working kids market! Sad to be over with somewhat, but also glad to get to have all of my Saturday back with my family! This weekend was nuts, Thursday was Lee's Birthday, Friday we went out for our anniversary (it's actually the 4th, but easier to go out on Friday nights when you have kiddos in school!), and Sat I worked my last Kids Market shift! Today we slept in late, and have been cleaning out old clothes and trash around and literally UNDER the house!

This week we have a slower week, but Asher has another Dr appt with a new Dr this time on Wed, to find out why his blood sugar has been all over the place.

Friday night we have a singing at Hytop, but we will probably skip it this time (I know, I'm horrible!), since Gabriel's birthday is the next day we are having company and eating pizza, then roasting marshmallows over a campfire. Saturday we are off to Chattanooga for the day to spend time at the aquarium with the kiddos.

If everything goes right, Lee and Gabriel will both be home next Monday, too, since it's Columbus day, and then the next weekend we have camping Friday night with cubscouts and then it's 3rd weekend!

Fall is such a busy time around here, but we love it! Cooler weather makes us happier, it's much more fun to be outdoors on a cool fall day!

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