Friday, November 4, 2011

So Far So Good

On Weight Watchers, that is. It took me a couple days, but so far I love it! I have lost some weight already, but waiting until my meeting to actually record it. I feel like I'm in a better mood, I'm not as hungry as I thought I would be, and my fruit and veggie intake is MUCH more that it was!

Overall, I love it. I Have a "buddy" that's doing this with me, and we are cooking for 2 and splitting recipes, so that we have different things to eat. Also freezing portions, so that if I get hungry I will grab it and heat it up, instead of getting junk food, which is my weakness.

I am having a hard time giving up my sodas though. I could drink them, but it would cost too many points, and I'm saving some extras for Sat. Morning breakfast at Nana's! (worth it, in my opinion!)

As far as life in general, you can tell it's cold weather here at my house, my kids have been sick. Mostly Gabriel, poor guy has been sick all week, been to the Dr twice, yesterday they told us he has pneumonia! Thankfully we caught it early on, so he is already doing better. If you think of him, any prayers are greatly appreciated!

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  1. Hope you do good on your quest to better health. I wish I had listened to my doc a few years back. Might have saved myself a surgery and the damage to my knees that im sure all this extra weight has caused. I have to change my diet as well now, so here's to hoping better days ahead for us both!!!