Friday, October 16, 2009

My Virtual quilting friends

I've not disapeared! My machine has been "broken" (i.e., the tension was so messed up that I couldn't sew on it) but is now fixed.

I have caught up on all that I "need" to be done at my house, sewing wise, and have 2 more blocks planned out for you all.

I haven't disapeared! comment if you see this, please!


  1. Amber, I'm so sorry your machine was broken - that stinks! But I'm glad it's back and ready to sew. I'm excited to see what you have come up with for us. Have fun sewing again!!

  2. Hi, I'm Laura from Italy! I have a blog and I'd wrote a post where is cited also your blog:

    I'd like to invite you to visite my italian blog, bye bye Laura!

  3. Hoping I get to see you over the next year! We were planning to originally try to meet up around Christmas, but I'm not sure we can at this point. Andrew and I have been so all over the place that we're only now getting a rest, so not sure how we'll manage to drive all over creation again middle of this month. (It's enough that we have to see my family! lol)

    Thinking of you guys as always, though. We'll work something out and see each other soon. :)