Monday, April 12, 2010

It's that time again!

Gardening time, that is!

Only this year I am already encountering problems!

We don't have a tractor, nor a tiller, so we have depended on family with those things to help us out previously. Since we're saving up for a "new" car, and our current ones both need tires, we didn't have the money to soak into a tiller this year ($600+ for a good one!).

Luckily, my PawPaw Edd came and turned my garden plot with a borrowed tractor, but then I was way to disc the plot after turning, since Lee's grandpa's tractors are pretty well out of commission, and I don't know anyone else that has one (locally, that is, pretty sure my other grandfather has one, but who wants to drive a tractor for 2 hours from TN to AL just to disc a small garden?).

Thankfully, my uncle borrowed his father's lawn tractor and disker and came to do my plot after he did his and my grandparent's gardens.


Now for the kicker....rather than worry about this year after year, Lee and I decided (well, I did, and he kinda sorta agreed, LOL) to do raised beds instead of a traditional ground bed. We have already built the Herb bed, and today I will be planting it, hopefully. Filling it with dirt is the hardest (and most expensive) part. Thankfully I have a lot of loose dirt in the garden bed, and can get free compost from my grandpa's horse ranch! I'll get back to you with pictures!

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  1. Hi Amber! Ive really missed seeing you around Sewing Mamas! I hope all is well with you. Cant wait to see pictures of the garden!