Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The bus

So my little man decided he wanted to ride the bus. Since I know the bus driver very well (my whole life, really, LOL), and he is one of the first ones off of the bus, I'm ok with that.

However, I am NOT ok with the fact that he forgets all about me as soon as he sees it. While waiting for the bus to come (and YES, I do wait with him, we live on a highway people!), he was hugging me and talking to me, and all that gooey mama loves it stuff, and then the bus came.

And here I am, standing with my camera, ready to get that great shot of him loading the bus for the first time (well, in our driveway, he rode it home yesterday afternoon).....and nope. Forget about looking back at mom the way we talked about. Gotta see all of my friends and talk to the driver.

Ok, sorry, just had to get all that out.

My baby is growing up. All thanks to The Bus.

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