Thursday, August 26, 2010

So, how have you been?

Me? Oh, just tired. I've went to bed early (think a little after 8!) for the past few nights, and then today after I dropped Asher off at Preschool, I went back to bed, LOL. Maybe one of these days my house will get cleaned!

No, really, I'm gonna get started on that in a bit, right now I'm tracing out patterns for some more stuff to list in my shop!

Just wanted to check in, tell me if you checked out my shop, I'm wondering what if I'm really just talking to myself here!


  1. girl i looked at your stuff but I need girl stuff!! lol no but could you do fire trucks?? jasmyn loves fire trucks and i have a nephew with a bday coming up soon

  2. Hi Amber.
    Your shirts look so cute!! And no, you are not just talking to yourself. I check in here too.
    I should be heading to bed because I am tired too, but instead, I am messing around reading blogs. Heehee!!
    Happy Sewing my friend.