Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What a deal!

So today I had to take the boys to get their hair cut (joy!) and while I was out, I stopped by a local shop that I knew was having a great sale on interlock knit......drumroll please......it was 50 CENTS a YARD! Now, most of this was 60" wide, but one was I think close to 108"! I got about 30 yards of various colors/some rib knit for around $16, tax and all! I would have gotten more, but it was only solid colors, and I mean, after a couple shades of each color, you can't really get more, LOL.

I did get a cute red/cream stripe that will look really cute as Christmas Jammies for this next Christmas, now let's see if I actually make them! Ha!


On the upside too, I turned in my first 2 assignments in English and I 100% on both! So far, so good! Now if I can only get my 3 chapters in Psychology done before this weekend!

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