Friday, January 8, 2010

New Year, New Beginnings

Yet another year has come and gone....
....and all that jazz, LOL.

In an update to my last post....the singer 66 electric that I got STILL needs a ton of work, and unfortunatly re-wiring, I believe. I am not up to that sort of work, and do not have the money to have it serviced as of yet, so it sits upstairs.

The Shark that my grandfather bought me at an auction was a fluke, it is locked up somewhere in the motor, and is not worth the money to have fix, so I'm going to collect the extra feet to keep handy and the other accessories, but probably chunk the machine itself.

The Singer 15 is still lovely! But it has yet to make it to my house! We are getting the edges of all of these wonderful winter storms, which, for us, has involved a lot of rainy weather. We currently have snow, but the rain is what has prevented us from getting the 15 to our house. My car is way too small to haul it in (including the cabinet, that is) and Lee works through the week, so we can only use the truck on the weekends, which of course have been full of rain and sleet and snow. Maybe it will make it to my house before summer, it tends to rain a LOT during Spring here in N. Alabama.


On another front, I have some new and exciting news!

I'm going back to college! Granted it's just 2 classes this semester, and I'm doing distance (aka Online) classes, but hey, it's a start, right?

With Gabriel being homeschool now, and me working part time (Cleaning for my Grandpa, the cabins at his horse ranch/campground), online was all I could manage this semester. It's possible that this summer or fall that I will take a class or two on campus, but that depends on how things go with the boys.

Sorry for the lack of pictures, hopefully soon I will have some uploaded!

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