Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Argh! It's one of THOSE days!

Yea, you've had one. Where NOTHING seems to go just right, but just about anything else goes wrong? Yea. One of THOSE days!

It actually started last night....after I got home from a bridal shower, Lee was already ready to go to bed. So since I'm still afraid to be up alone, LOL, I took my laptop to bed to be with him. (By the way, have you seen the Bones season finale???) He was sooo grumpy, evidently it was a bit too loud, but the Fox website does something to freeze my computer up, so I couldn't turn it down too much or I couldn't hear it! And then after it went off, I could NOT go to sleep! I was up until after 2AM, just tossing and turning and trying to keep Lee's legs on his side of the bed, LOL.

So when he woke me up this morning at just a little after 5AM, let's just say I wasn't ready to get up. So I didn't. Evidently someone can't fix their own lunch without making a loud racket in the kitchen, but I digress.

Sooo....he's probably going to be in a foul mood when he gets home....but that's still several hours from now, LOL.

Then, when I did wake up when the kiddos got up, everything was fine. The kids were great (Asher has been accident free so far!! Wooo WHOOO!!), they ate, and I got to work on a MASSIVE sewing project for a client that I've been working on for a good bit. Then, after about 2 hours of sewing, I took a short break to come and iron something, then went back to sew, and.....did you guess? My sewing machine STOPPED!.

Just STOPPED. And then when I finally got it going again, it was looping big time. That's ok, I know what to do. Adjusted the tension, changed the bobbin, changed the needle, and re-threaded. Maybe not in that order, but you get the drift.

Nothing worked.

That's ok, I just went to my other workhorse machine, one of those old black Singer machines that was handed down to me. Beautiful stitches. Guess what happened? You beginning to see a story line here?

Yep, it did something similar, it won't lock the stitches, so the thread just pops right up!

Called Brother about my new machine, and they told me to call the place I bought it from, I had already done everything they sugguested.
Called S&R. They are backed up with repairs. Oh, and it's probably going to cost $70 to fix. And not before I need it back.


I've already called my client to let her know that her project won't be ready when I promised it to her (tomorrow) and then let 2 others know that their's will not be done either. This is really messing me up business wise, not to mention that I needed to finish making Asher's church outfits since Winchester's revival starts Sunday.

Guess this means that at least I can go to piano lessons today and my house will possibly be clean when Lee gets home, LOL.

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