Friday, May 21, 2010

It's a zoo around here!

.....and we're going to a real one tomorrow! LOL.

Asher's 3rd birthday was last Saturday, but it was 3rd weekend too! We don't do birthday parties for the kids but every 5 years, but we do a cake and of course gifts! We try to do something with them to celebrate, but a party every year is just too much, I think.

So we told the kids we would take them to the Nashville Zoo this Saturday since his birthday fell on 3rd weekend.

On top of that....Asher had his well check up and is now at 34 lbs and exactly 3 ft tall! He's a chunk of lead! All is well with him, he had a shot, which he tolerated a WHOLE lot better than the silly little bandaid! I don't know why, but both of my kids are somewhat terrified by bandaids, and even their favorite characters do not make it better!

We are also potty training. Yay me. Can you feel the enthusiasm? LOL. Let's just say after cleaning poop out of my beige carpets 3x this week, I am less than thrilled with it. Underwear (or "wun a wear" as Asher calls it!) seems to help more so than pull ups. Pray for us tomorrow, we are going to try undies all day tomorrow! He only had 2 accidents today, so we'll see how that goes! I am taking extra clothes though, just in case!

Is anyone out there reading? I never get comments, so I'm just wondering if this is just a public journal or if I actually have readers, LOL.

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  1. Oh the joys of motherhood...especially the joy of potty so NOT fun that is...that's one experience you don't forget no matter how old you get..LOL...I will say tho that boys are easier than girls...In my experience anyway.