Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thank you Lord!

The Lord has potty trained my baby. Laugh if you must, but I am totally serious! I have tried absolutley everything that I knew to do, and anything anyone sugguested, and it did not work. I was very discouraged, as it took FOR-EV-ER to train Gabriel, he was ALMOST 4 years old before he was trained, and so I was NOT looking forward to it again, to say the least.

After trying everything that I knew to do, and all the sugguestions, to no avail, I finally asked the Lord to help me. And.....He did, of course! Within a couple of days, he was trained, with little help from me! (someone has to button jeans, of course!)

So thank you Lord!

Oh, and I do have pictures from the zoo, but I have my 4 year old little sister (who spent the night last night) here and have been working like crazy. So they will have to wait until a later post! Just wanted to share my good news!

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