Wednesday, June 16, 2010

So we had our first oopsie with the birdy..

....Let's just say I'm glad I have a smallish child who is eager to touch the bird! LOL.

The bird (which still remains nameless!) flew from my lap to the floor, and crawled under the already reclined couch, and back behind it. Thankfully, since it IS a reclining couch, there is a little over a foot between the back of it and the wall. So Gabriel carefully scooped him up for me, while I watched from the front of the couch.

He still has yet to eat, that we've seen, anyways, but the pet store said that he should within the next 2 days. Seems to me that he might starve by then, but she seemed really informed on them and owns several herself.

He is, however, walking a bit around his cage, kind of exploring carefully.

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