Saturday, June 26, 2010

What a wonderful day!

Thursday evening, my MIL called and asked if she could come and get the kids Friday after she got off from work, take them to McDonalds, and then spend the night with her, so that she could play with them on Saturday. She barely got through speaking when I told her "absolutely!" (actually, I may have interjected a bit, not even waiting for her to finish speaking!)

So last night, she came by and picked them up, and quickly got ready for church (William's Cove) and left. When I got home, Lee was playing a video game, so I joined him in the TV room to relax. We woke up this morning (at, um, about 11ish?) and it was heavenly! No little monkeys yelling at us to get up, telling us to fix breakfast, etc. We got to wake up slowly, and then my dear sweet hubby got up and fixed ME breakfast, nevermind that it was lunch time, LOL. (for the record, scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast!)

She still has them and we are working around the house (I just sat down to eat a bite and thought I would blog!)

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